Gospel Identity

The Bible also informs us that we are all made in the image of God,
and that we have new identities as followers of Jesus.
When we look at this thematically across the scriptures, we see three key descriptors of a disciple. We call these three descriptors our Gospel identity.

1. Family - we are sons and daughters of God our Father, we are no longer orphans, we have a people to belong to — a true and better family to share life with — the church.

2. Servant - we are a people who belong to God for his work, we no longer look to serve ourselves — but take the posture of servants pursuing joy in serving as Christ served. 

3. Missionary - we are the sent ones of God, ministers of reconciliation, we have been given a new purpose and cause to live for — God’s glory in all the earth.

Missional Families are smaller churches within the body of Onelife who are uniquely living their Gospel identity. We are a family of servant missionaries on mission in our community to lead people to follow Jesus in everyday life.

Below is a list of our current meeting times for Missional Families and Bibles Studies. If you have any questions, please email missionalfamilies@onelifecc.org.


In this article, Todd Engstrom from The Austin Stone Community Church explains
Missional Communities. 
Dope Church asks, "What would it look like for the church to wake up to it's true identity as a community meant to be in the streets in the gutters with people? What would it look like for disciples of Jesus to go to places no one else is willing to go?"