Onelife Community Church officially began over seven years ago. We have had our Sunday gathering in five different locations; the last four years being at The Wichita Theatre. Over the years we have continued to grow and have seen many people come to faith in Jesus. Our mission, to lead people to follow Jesus in everyday life, is a reality. Onelife’s median age is 32 years old, therefore, many who have become a part of our community have children. With this growth has come the challenge of having space and quality environments for children and students. We believe that these children are the next generation of our future.


We have been looking for feasible solutions to facilitate our growth. We have leased The Wichita Theatre on Sundays for $2000 per month. Now, due to growth, our resources can and should be used on a facility that can meet current needs, as well as future opportunities.  One of the biggest factors in our search has been geography. We believe as a church that we not only are here to be a part of God’s restoration and redemption process of people’s lives and families, but also we are here to visibly restore and redeem places in our city. We believe in the potential of downtown and being centrally located to so many different people.

The former Straight Street facility became available in mid-2017. After prayer and planning, we believed the facility at 807 Austin would be perfect for Onelife. But more than our church, we believe in the potential of carrying on Gospel-centered ministry in this facility and continuing to invest in our community.

The Project

The For Our Future Project is not only about the future of Onelife Community Church, but also the future of the people of Wichita Falls. Jesus changes lives. And if the Gospel changes lives, our city begins to person, one child, one family at a time.

Onelife Community Church has purchased the property at 807 Austin. Over many months we have met with architects and a local contractor to design a facility that will be an amazing tool to be used in ministering to our community.

Would you consider partnering with us and investing resources to help change lives for generations to come?